KreaKids’ new collection: Sustainability as the New Priority

The Transylvania-based fashion house featuring the works of kids goes zero-waste.

A new eco-trend has emerged on the 26th of May, 2019, in a small town nestled among the hills, as KreaKids Studio debuted with its latest collection, to great acclaim. The fashion show took place in Saint George Town (Sfântu Gheorghe), in a ruin pub called Szimpla. The theme of the show was “Zero Waste Fashion”– a show celebrating the unique creations of children, all of them made in an entirely green way.

The Zero Waste Fashion Show
Photo made by Demeter Hunor

KreaKids is a group providing creative atelier work for youngsters aged between 4 and 18 years old who are interested in the domains of fashion, design and animation. The group is now engaged in activities that embrace working in an environmentally sustainable way. Rather than simply creating some stylish, dazzling works of imagination, the students of the fashion department decided to go against the concept of fast fashion that tends to nurture various environmental hazards. After designing the eco-dresses, the teen designers carried out the process of sewing, cutting and weaving in such a way that they leave minimal or no amount of waste. By doing so, they contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint in the fashion industry, which is their ultimate aim.

The Zero Waste Fashion Show
Photo made by Demeter Hunor

The Krea-collection sees the works of 8 juvenile designers: some of them presented their works as mini-collections, while others could boast with their separate works. During the show, the displayed garments were various in terms of style and in the materials used, however they had one thing in common: part and parcel of the collection was made of reused materials.

Bakó Bora

What was singular about this show was that teens not only tackled the problem of sustainability, but also, the event was thoroughly organized by the kids themselves, as, according to one of the KreaKids designers, Bakó Bora, the team-leaders were out of the country. As it turned out, the show embodying the eco-creations welcomed a full house.

Bora summarizes the essence of the “Zero-Waste” show with the following words:

“KreaKids always had its heart set on establishing creative changes in the world of fashion, especially in a way that benefits the environment as well. With the Zero-waste themed collection, we somehow managed to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry, taking baby steps in the direction of a greener and brighter future.”

The Zero Waste Fashion Show
Photo made by Demeter Hunor

All designers of the KreaKids team agree that this show is just the beginning of a journey that they are about to unfold even more, thus, they are looking forward to do a follow-up show in the near future, enhancing sustainability even more, investing in an eco-conscious future.

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